Rapid Prototyping CNC Machining Tooling

Our ability to purchase materials directly from leading mills at the best possible price will give you the competitive edge. This coupled with a skilled workforce dedicated to embracing the demands of the markets we serve.


Low-volume Production

Whether you need a hundred parts every few months, or hundreds of thousands of parts every month, our low-volume manufacturing service is for you.


Rapid Ptototyping

Prototypes can be made in as little as three days using a range of techniques including vacuum casting, stereolithography (SLA), 3D metal printing and CNC machining.



Sino specializes in all facets of mold manufacturing including design, engineering, tooling, and special machining services.Quantities from…

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We Procure the Products Direct from the Source and Deliver to You in a Very Fast and Efficient Timeframe.

Sheet Metal Shell

Components of submarine detection equipment. Galvanized sheet Painting white Finishment...

Galvanized Sheet Stamping

Components of submarine detection equipment. Laser cutting ,bending ,painting Process...

Brass Plate Stamping and Bending

Components of switch. Laser cutting,Bending ,Polish Process. Hand polish Finishment...

PotPlayer Shell Prototyping

Components of electronic player. Paint & silk-screen Finishment. Laser cutting, stamping...

Electronic Cigarettes Prototyping

Components of E-cigarettet. 125*62*31mm CNC turning, tapping, milling Process.

Aluminum Anodized Prototypes

Components of submarine detection equipment. Sandblasted and anodized Finishment...

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Reasons to Choose Sino

Our products have been widely used in the field of medical equipment, robots, aerospace, automotive, electronics, machinery and so on, Sino can machining for all your engineering needs ! More Info >
Sino-machining can manufacture a huge range of high-quality metal&plastic parts, heat treatment service and ROHS report can be provided for your special request. More Info >
A variety of surface finishing sevices including anodizing, polishing, coating, painting, sick screen and so on , to make your design turned out very nice ! More Info >
Sino is using various production methods to match different needs, the most used ones are cnc multi-axis machining, cnc turning & milling, EDM spark, wire cutting, laser cutting, metal stamping and so on. More Info >

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