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What is CNC Machining ?

Many people may ask:What is CNC Machining ? Today Editor give you an official version of the introduction, sorting is not easy, please patiently read it! CNC Machining is to use raw materials directly through CNC machine tool processing to meet the requirements for samples. CNC processing speed is fast, sample’s surface quality is good, after finishing the surface spraying, silk [...]

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Solve deformation problem of aluminum parts

The material thermal expansion coefficient of aluminum alloy parts is large, so it is easy to deform in the process of thin-wall machining. Especially when using free forging blank, the machining allowance is large and the deformation problem is more prominent. Today, we are going to learn what measures should be adopted in CNC machining aluminum [...]

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Sheet metal processing, do you know that?

In the metal industry field , sheet metal processing is a very common processing method. Sheet metal refers to a kind of processing technology, which requires a lot of processes.It has been widely used in electronics, communication, automobile industry, medical equipment and other fields.   But do you really understand the process? Sino-machining company is professional in sheet metal [...]

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Talking CNC lathe processing

  In mechanical processing, we will have many round products, mainly including workshafts, disks, sleeves and other workpieces with rotating surfaces, which are often of high precision and high cleanliness requirements. Dongguan Sino-machining company- CNC lathe processing manufacturer has three precision computer lathe machine, engineering master with 10 years experience in processing lather products. Metal rapid [...]

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CNC automobile rapid prototype factory

Guangdong CNC automobile rapid prototype factory Many engineers will encounter a very difficult situation when looking for CNC automobile rapid prototype manufacturers, where can they find a supplier with full service ? Since many manufacturers in the market can only provide a single service, your product can usually be completed by several manufacturers, which will not [...]

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Finish- magnesium alloy precision metal part

Alloy precision metal part! Yesterday, an engineer friend consulted with our colleagues a question about magnesium alloy parts: " recently , i have purchased a batch of magnesium alloy parts, but is fully pitting on the surface after one day, what happened to that" If you have or have ever had such a problem, please be [...]

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Good news in CNC precision parts Company

For most of the office workers on Monday, it is estimated that they haven't been able to relax from the weekend's happiness of friends gathering and appointments, but! Guangdong CNC precision parts processing factory sino-machining company at this time is really noisy, because every colleague is surprised to see a pile of wedding candy on their desk! [...]

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Robot rapid prototype customized

Robot rapid prototype ---Robot market has been the general trend, from household cleaning robot, to industrial robot and the entertainment and leisure robots. At the beginning of the production and design , people need to custom-made robot rapid prototype to verify its appearance, structure, function as well as its market. Robot is an automatic equipment that integrates [...]

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Metal Machining parts – grinding

In the machining industry of mechanical metal parts, the surface finish achieved by grinding is higher than that products of turning  processing. Today, we will introduce the features of grinding in machining of mechanical metal parts in details: In the machining of mechanical metal parts, a very fine powder is used for grinding. At low speed and low [...]

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Dragon Boat Festival-CNC machining center

cnc-machining center-sino-machining company Another year for Dragon Boat Festival,during this festival, people usually will remind one person, he is a poet who were in China's warring states period chu , politician, Qu yuan, Qu yuan was the first great patriotic poet in Chinese history, he have a lot of famous works, such as  "li SAO" “nine [...]

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