Project Description

Wood Synthetic Resin

As high-end E-cigarette product , stable wood electronic cigatette drew big buyers with its non-copyable and gorgeous . The stricter requirement is needed for the manufacture since there are a lot of process needs handmade by workers within the production . Mr John of COSMO learned that sino-machining is a facotry  specialized in precision parts machining especially for CNC low-volume production . The first sample comes out to be high-accuracy and elicate . Mr John is very satisifed with the prototype and like the finishment a lot . According to our recommendations the original silk-screen surface be change to sandblasted and anodise . It not only to ensured the urface beauty, but also saved costs and strive for more time for markting . We started the first small batch test soon after cofirm the prototype .


Stable wood processing

One of the main part of this model is wood synthetic resin . The special material is very bittle and easy to deformation. All of our relative department in close cooperation to find the best solution to maximum possible reduction deformation during processing . Finally the tolerance control within the scope of the drawings required.

Precision Machining

Aluminum surface anodise is one of SINO’s advantages .  However, the customer specifically states that the threads and inner wall of the aluminum frame must kept to be electrically conductive. The solution we suggested is do the normal CNC machining and anodise firstly while leave eanough margin , and then do the second precision machining to reduce the anodised layer . This is a huge challenge for our operators . But finally we complete it perfectly with skilled technology and respondible attitude . Ensured that all surface without any scratchs .



Brass polishing

All turning brass parts need to be high-gross polished as COSMO required . To getting a nicer surface for these small parts . Our workers carefully deal with them by hand piece by piece . We gained recognition of high performance from Mr John and his team .

“It looks like the person who polished them ,really knows how to properly work with brass…as the pieces look very good .Great job and thank you  ! “

– John

Packing design

In order to provide customers with more reliable and convenience services .While processing we also support customers for the packing design. The packing box finished with EVA endoconch、tiffany blue tin box and white silk-screen logo .Which have gotten the favorable comments of the masses of customers.



More Applications

Sino is one of the earliest leading exporter of rapid CNC prototyping products and low-volume parts in south China . We are cooperating with several well-know foreign trade companies and enterprise .  We provide individual parts 、assemblies and finish products which are widely used in Machine manufacturing industry 、Equipment industry 、Electronic industry、Hardware、Medicine 、Automotive industry and so on .

We are able to deliver the benefits of machining at a very competitive price point and in lead times of typically 7 calendar days or less. ABS parts and aluminum parts are the most popular and cost effective solutions for prototyping in China.
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All of our parts are 100% inspected accordance with the requirement by customer. We can also provide original certificates for all of our materials including carbon steels…
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