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Sino Precision Machining Co.,Limited, founded in March 2005, one of the earliest leading exporter of rapid CNC prototyping products, stamping parts and precision CNC components in south China. Quality is our factory’s life , We adhere “Focus, Innovation, Gratitude” to be the expert in the manufacturing industry, and create more values for our clients.

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Using a conventional machine shop to make custom fabricated parts is a cumbersome process involving an often long sequence of time-consuming visits, phone calls or emails.Because of the cumbersome process with conventional shops, many shops avoid customers seeking short runs. And even for long runs customers are discouraged from doing too many what-if price quotations.

At Sino-machining ordering is easy whether you are making one bracket for a computer chassis, 100 levers for a home-built airplane kit, or producing 100,000 knobs.






  • CNC Machining Center
  • CNC Lathes
  • Milling Machine
  • Grinding Machine
  • EDM Machine
  • Tapping Machine
  • Sand Blaster



Inspection Equipment

Sino-machining’s inspection center utilizes CMM (coordinate measuring machines), Projector, Roughness tester, Hardness gauges and countless varieties of micrometers, pin gages and calipers to ensure excellent customer satisfaction.

Inspection Steps Include:

  • Material inspection before processing.
  • In-process inspection.
  • Full inspection after machiend.
  • Surface inspection provide high light photos for customer checking.

Main Equipments:

  • Digital Slide Caliper.
  • Digital Caliper.
  • Vernier Caliper.
  • Digital Inside Micrometer.
  • Digital Outside Micrometer.
  • Pin Gauge.
  • Block Gauge.
  • Gap Gauge.
  • Thread Ring Gauge.
  • Thread Plug Gauge.
  • Digital Depth Gauge.
  • Digital Height Gauge.
  • Vernier Height Gauge.
  • Spectrometry.




Meet Our Team

We are a manufacturer with a strong product development team and several highly skilled, experienced workers.





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If our product does not fully satisfy our customer we never insist on buying it. We never spam your email box with numerous offers and annoying follow up emails. No cold calls as well.

Sheet Metal Shell

Components of submarine detection equipment. Galvanized sheet Painting white Finishment...

Galvanized Sheet Stamping

Components of submarine detection equipment. Laser cutting ,bending ,painting Process...

Brass Plate Stamping and Bending

Components of switch. Laser cutting,Bending ,Polish Process. Hand polish Finishment...

PotPlayer Shell Prototyping

Components of electronic player. Paint & silk-screen Finishment. Laser cutting, stamping...

Electronic Cigarettes Prototyping

Components of E-cigarettet. 125*62*31mm CNC turning, tapping, milling Process.

Aluminum Anodized Prototypes

Components of submarine detection equipment. Sandblasted and anodized Finishment...

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