Technical Sharing

File Types

Sino is using various production methods to match different needs, the most used ones are cnc multi-axis machining, cnc turning & milling, EDM spark, wire cutting, laser cutting, metal forming.

Our preference would be a 3D file. STEP / STP/ IGS / IGES format is great for us. However, we can work with a wide variety of file types.



Combnation of Formats

  • IGES(.igs)
  • STEP(.stp)
  • Solidworks(.sldprt)
  • ProE(.prt)
  • Parasolid(.x_t and .x_b)
  • ACIS(.sat)
  • AutoCAD(.dwg,3D only)
  • Autodesk Inventor(.ipt)
  • Stereolithogaphy(.stl)
  • Compressed folders(.ZIP)